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This is a prime example of how I don’t get things done:

I got a severe plot bunny bite from a song that has been stuck in my head for a few days. So, I proceeded to write a cute little entry for the “Genius, AI & Bots" series (totally not what I should have been writing, which was either my fic for Robot Big Bang or the commission fic for starkred).

Needing to go on a tiny fact-finding trip, I ventured to check a few things about the song (which is of the Japanese origin). Somehow I ended up searching for online lessons in Japanese in my native language, then checked a few recommended books against those in my bookshelf - then proceeded to get off the comp and get into re-ordering said bookshelf for the next few hours.

Now I have a “Japanese corner” in my living room, which is nice, and I got a bag full of books to get rid of - plus a few new Japanese books ordered online. There are even a few hours left in the day to get on with the writing like I was originally going to do!

Then, a bit of promotion (I’m passing up on the challenge since I have too many things to do already, but I would love to try my hand at a 100k challenge one of these years, after dropping out last year due to time/writing issues…):

Extreme Big Bang, round 2

2014/2015 Schedule
September 15: Sign-ups Open
October 13: Sign-ups Close
October 13: Collaboration post goes up. (viewable only to members who’ve signed up)
November 10: Participant Interviews posted
December 15: Preliminary Check-in - This is an optional check-in, and will be a place to commisserate, encourage, and brainstorm.
January 19: Second Check-in - also optional
February 12: HALFWAY MARK!!!
March 9: Third Check-in - another optional check-in
April 13: ROUGH DRAFTS DUE for Claiming At least 60% of your fic must be completed by this point (60,000 words), if you want your fic to be considered for claiming by an artist. You’ll also create a summary to go up on the claiming post.
April 17: Claiming post goes up.
April 24: All artists and authors matched up during claiming will be contacted by this date.
May 18: Final Check-in - Optional check-in; penalty-free DROP-OUT DEADLINE.
June 8: Some cheerleading for the final push will occur around this date.
July 6: Posting Date Claims
July 27: Posting goes live!



My advice 2 straight girls who think girls are cool and cute and attractive in any way: consider bein bi. Consider………loving girls and that’s it that’s all u gotta do just give it a chance &have a good time

Stop pandering the idea that sexuality is a choice. Bisexual women are most likely to be raped because of this idea that being bi is a choice. This is what makes homophobes abuse LGBT indiviuals and strip them of your rights. I don’t care if this is a troll or not. This isn’t funny and I’m sick of seeing posts like this on my dash. 


Here’s another point of view: What if you have never been in a relationship? What if you have never been in love? (What if your single sexual experience with the opposite sex was completely disappointing?) How do you know if you are het or gay or bi? What if you consider, in your head, that if you found a person attractive, it shouldn’t matter which gender they are - yet you have never been turned on by a single person in your life? (What if you are asexual and just don’t know it - is there a test one can take? A set of qualifications you have to fit?)

How do people who have almost zero real-life experience from relationships know who they are, and is it anyone’s right to tell them that they are not allowed to consider the possibility of being bi?

(via notcreativeondemand)


it’s so frustrating when your fic ideas are bigger than your writing abilities 

All. The. Time. (and then some)

I bet most of us, if not all, are familiar with the infamous “I am Iron Man” song by Black Sabbath, plus AC/DC has been quite heavily featured in Iron Man films and appearances.

However, I had never heard of “War Machine” by AC/DC. Imagine my delight when it met my ears one morning on radio! (I’m not a fan of either band, but the “War Machine” song is quite listenable, and to celebrate Colonel James Rhodes, here is it!)

I don’t know how many people are following this blog (or my twitter), but I’ll throw this request out there:

I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump lately, which will hopefully pass soon. In the meanwhile, I need to make some plans, and right now I’m having difficulty coming up with an idea to write for this round of Robot Big Bang.

Want to help me out? Here’s some “guidelines” I have in mind:

  • The story would preferably be set in “Genius, AI & Bots" universe/series.
  • The timeline should steer clear of the possible events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, so pre-AoU it is.
  • The story has to be at least 10k (10,000) words long, so there needs to be a solid plot. (I’m also sure several chapters bound under one theme is acceptable in a pinch…)
  • The plot needs to heavily involve DUM-E, U, JARVIS or the Iron Man armors - or any/all of the above. (And Tony.)
  • Rhodey/War Machine are also welcome. (I need to write more Rhodey&Tony.)

I do have a few ideas of my own, but none of them are inspiring me right this moment. I’ll come up with something, for sure (or just drop out because I have way too many things going on, again), but I love this BB and really want to participate.

If you have ideas you want to share, reply here, send an ask to delrion-news, message delrion or email me (delrion.mail [at]

I would love to credit you for the prompt, so include your username (Tumblr, AO3, LJ, DW,, what have you) if that’s okay with you, too. Also, I may combine ideas, save them for later, so you may take this as an opportunity to prompt me in general when it comes to Tony and his robotic family. :)

Got any ideas?


Just a normal day, saving the husband from peril.

and that’s the Skrull!Steve…
I think I’ve never noticed before that Tony still has an arrow stuck to the palm of his suit at this point - and that it must be hurting/doing some damage, looking at his pose and the way he holds his arm like an injured limb.


Just a normal day, saving the husband from peril.

and that’s the Skrull!Steve…

I think I’ve never noticed before that Tony still has an arrow stuck to the palm of his suit at this point - and that it must be hurting/doing some damage, looking at his pose and the way he holds his arm like an injured limb.

(via missbeckywrites)

So we open with the bad guy from Thor stealing the device from Captain America from the mysterious government agents from Iron Man 2, eh? 

It’s better than the original idea: Just opening with a title card saying “If you didn’t watch our other movies, fuck you.”

CLARK GREGG immediately establishes his mid-level badassery by WEARING SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT.

TOM quickly WRECKS EVERYONE’S SHIT in a frantic effort to prove that he will later be a match for FOUR WALKING SUPERWEAPONS, despite looking like a SCRAWNY BRITISH FANCY MAN.

Hang on a second, your hammer has decimated everything you’ve ever hit with it, you had no way of knowing my shield or Robert’s armor would protect us. Did you just attempt to straight-up murder us? Don’t change the scene, I want an answer to thi-

Enough is enough! I’ve had it with these motherfucking snarks on this motherfucking Helicarrier! All of you, prepare to immediately face an enemy that requires you to see past your differences and work together!

Got tagged to do a thing in Tumblr for the first time (“list ten books that have stayed with you in some way”, tagged by notcreativeondemand).

Sadly, I swiftly came to realize that a) I don’t read enough and b) none of the books I read are particularly good or memorable. (I like most of them, but they’re not “classics” I would include in a list like this.)

All I can contribute to this is…

  • Iron Man Manual by Daniel Wallace (a bit of a gold mine for fandom oriented people, plus super fun to read!)
  • Watership Down by Richard Adams (had some difficulty getting started on this as a kid, but it was so worth it; yet to read it in English…  The movie (1978) is also good.)

And now I can’t believe that’s all I can think of. (I know there are plenty of super-sad dog-related books I read as a child than ruined me forever and made me write tragic stories as a result during those years… Now? I think they would just make me sad and mad because the reality isn’t that much better.)

Also, promoting PolyBB below (how I would love to participate, but I have too much to write as it is… although that has never exactly stopped me, has it?)

On the writing front, I’m not doing so well. I’ve felt “bored”, not wanting to write or do anything in particular, which is extremely frustrating for me. (Ended up playing Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, and may I say that the first game on PS2 after PS1? A huge disappointment. Once I’m done with it, it’s leaving my collection without a backwards glance. How can you downgrade your game, controls, graphics and loading time whem you upgrade your console? *shakes head*)

Anyway… some of my writing-related frustration, and frustration in general, may be related to the fact that I’ve been waiting for over two weeks for a call to go back to work after my summer “vacation”. They’re sorting things out, my employer is sort of changing while the work remains the same, but they are not keeping me informed whether they know the details yet, and every day it’s like "I might be going to work tomorrow, maybe, so I can’t plan too much, and I’m running out of freetime so I need to write.”

I should just get it over with and write while I still can (I can do it later, too, but now I have all the time I could ask for, right?), but that doesn’t always work.

Also, I will now tell every author out there to never stop writing in the middle of a scene, because picking it up again is twice as hard as when compared to starting a new, fresh scene. (I should have learned this a long time ago, but when I’m on the roll, it doesn’t usually matter…)


Polyamory Big Bang, round 6

August 21st: Sign Ups Open
November 12th: Rough Drafts of Written Pieces are Due
November 15th: Artist Claims
December 15th: Posting Date Claims
December 30th: Posting Begins! Party time!

I cannot resist… (the trailer of an upcoming movie called “Mortdecai”, of which I was unaware of until today, featuring Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor…)

I’ll be the first to admit I have a one track mind, and for the past few years that mind has been firmly on the MCU-lane. So: here we have a movie with Pepper Potts and JARVIS/Vision - and I cannot help but enjoy Jock’s line “Excellent shot, sir!” and immediately think of Tony and JARVIS XD

picture from free-anime.wikia

In the last 24 hours, I’ve watched all available episodes of the anime called Free! (The title got my attention after several blogs I follow/stalk posted images and GIFs from the show. I don’t regret giving it a chance, because it’s amazing. No one will be able to convince me that it doesn’t heavily lean towards shounen ai vibes. Also, there will probably be fic, later…)

Writing’s been slow going lately - hence my time out watching some anime, plus turning on the PlayStation and checking up one some games I’m in the middle of.

Read both my Marvel Bang fics this week and sent them over to my beta. If only I could make myself get around to posting a new story… I have a couple waiting just for that. *sighs*

I’ve tangled with my commission for starkred in the past few days: four chapters written, much more to come, and now I’ve possibly shot myself in the foot by getting into yet another fight scene. (Fight scenes are not always easy. I like writing them, especially when I’m in the “zone” and everything is flowing, but when things stop going smoothly? It’s like you’re writing one punch at a time, literally, and can’t quite make progress.)

I suppose I needed to air myself out and instead of trying to get a few more punches in, I traded in to tackle a completely new fandom: Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. I have found myself rather fond of that anime meant for kids, and wholeheartedly encourage everyone to watch it and give it a chance.

That being said, I just wrote a story for Disk Wars. It ended up being a bit of a tear-jerker, at least for me. Let’s have a little preview, shall we? (Totally unedited, read at your own risk…)

Snippet from “Private Time”:

Pepper sniffled and pulled back, her hands framing Tony’s face. “How much time do we have?” she asked.

“Not enough,” Tony replied and smiled as her fingers wiped away the faint tear-tracks from his face.

“I didn’t realize how much I missed this – how much I needed this,” Pepper told him, breaths hitching again.

Akira wondered why girls always cried over things. It wasn’t such a big deal: Pepper and Tony saw each other every day, and most of the time Tony complained she was nagging and in a bad mood. Pepper was equally annoyed by her boss, so what was the big deal?

“We’ll find a way,” Tony said. “Soon.” A chuckle left him, but he didn’t look happy. “It’s driving me insane, being locked inside, day in and day out. Seeing you but not being able to…”

“Don’t,” Pepper ordered, and then pulled his face down into a kiss.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
My friend and I both loved your story 'Chitauri Apocalypse', and were just wondering if you were planning on a sequel for it? (Not that we didn't love the ending - I found it very satisfying - but my friend pointed out that Loki and Tony's talk at the end could have been some foreshadowing for another story.)
delrion-news delrion-news Said:

I’m happy to hear you have enjoyed the story! That conversation was meant to be foreshadowing - and if not, there’s plenty to go on either way.

As far as my plans go, there will be at least one sequel for “Chitauri Apocalypse”. I’ve been tinkering with ideas, and it is going to happen. (When, that I cannot say, because it’s a big project and there are some other things I need to do first. It is on the list, though.)

Thank you for your question. :)


awkward kissing - Sit-up kiss!

inspired by a film on youtube called: awkward kissing.

I wanna to try another kisses in these days!

stay tuned ! :D

So close to that one scene in “Coping Mechanism”. :)

(via fiftyshadesofstony)

  image  starkred replied to your post: Done things and more to come

I totally agree, btw :3 You can submit my commission ofr the big bang if it fits!

Good to know! (You’ll still be the first to get your hands on it, no worries, and I have my doubts whether I’ll be able to get so much done, seeing as I should be returning to a working life any day now.)

But, if things do happen, we might be getting an artist to work on the story as a nice extra. :)

Finished things this week:

  • fic #2 for Marvel Bang (although it needs revisions before betaing because I want to make alterations to certain character’s motives - and make the reader experience more painful, mwahahaa).
  • entry for Avengers Fest

So, next I think I’ll try and work on the commission for starkred - and also need to think about my entry for this round of Robot Big Bang. (I would also love to participate in Cap/Iron Man Big Bang, but the 25k word limit is a bit high. Maybe if I’m really fast, I could submit my commission work for that if starkred agrees… *makes note to self to ask if fic writing happens in large quantities in the near future*)

There are also plenty of works that need to be read and sent over to my beta (so that I can eventually post them!):